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Last modified: November 21
Current privacy policy tells how and for what «Mobile Capital» Ltd. collects, stores and provides security of private information about private and corporate participants of the System. Our company takes confidential issues responsibly and very serious.
Furthermore, we intend to publish additional materials on confidential policy issues, describing how private information been handled in particular departments of MBK system.
We also should mention that current privacy policy spreads on all branches, subsidiaries and affiliated «Mobile Capital» Ltd structures, and satisfies the requirements legislation of involved countries.

Why you are asked to provide information
First of all, MBK system collects information about participants in the purpose of providing legality and transparency of deals arranged inside the system. Our company is conscious of responsibilities in front of the state structures and provides maximum information to structures exercising control & supervision functions.
Provided data also helps us in making market researches, developing our products, improving our client?s service, web-sites and software.
Information you share
In MBK system we divide three levels of information disclosure:
1. Electronic money usage without cashing them
2. Participants (electronic money usage with ability to cash them)
3. Diller's & partners

“Cookie” files
“Cookie” files are files downloaded from web-pages by your internet browser in time you visit some of our web-pages. «Mobile Capital» Ltd has the right to use this technology for the purpose of collecting information about site users.

«Mobile Capital» Ltd takes the pledge of client’s information security if other is specified in the article of the contract or in legislation of involved countries.

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Privacy policy
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