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What is MBK system?
MBK System is a payment processing system for instant fund transactions intended for private and corporate users.

How does MBK system work?
MBK System provides on-line money transactions at the direction of system participants to other system participants. Due to wide-spread chain of partner banks in various regions of the world our company receives the opportunity to perform transactions instantly.

Is it difficult to move funds from the system to bank account or cash those funds?
No, it is easy and fast. You can rapidly move funds to your bank account, or cash them.

What markets does the System serve?
Individuals and corporate institutions, regardless of their kind of activity can become system participants in case of not breaking the international legislation, legislation of involved countries and rules of the MBK system.

How to become a participant?
To become a participant of MBK system you need to contact us. After youve signed all the necessary documents you can send funds to the system and use them as you wish.

What are MBK systems support hours?
Technical support services are available from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. (MSK), workdays.

Can I be ensured in safety of my confidential data?
Yes, of course. Reliability of our system has been confirmed by appropriate certificates and licenses.

What rules govern the use of MBK system and where can I find them?
All the necessary information you can find in the section legislation.

What is the the process of resolving disputes arising from MBK system transactions?
As participants of the MBK system all transmitters and recipients agree to comply with the terms of MBK system Membership Agreement. The membership Agreement states that all disputes must be settled through Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region arbitration.

Are electronic signatures on MBK system documents legally enforceable?
Yes, Laws making electronic signatures legally enforceable has been already enacted in most countries around the world.
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